freelance design work [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

I’ve worked as a freelancer for a variety of companies as a producer, project manager, designer, and consultant.

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Gigantic mechanic

I worked at Gigantic Mechanic for about 2 years as a Producer & Game Designer. Gigantic Mechanic is an experience and game design company in New York that often works with museums and public spaces. Most of the time at Gigantic Mechanic I was:  

Designing Games / Running Live Events
Come Out & Play
Every year Gigantic Mechanic helps run a big, free, public event called Come Out & Play that showcases new social and physical games. Over the past 4 or so years Gigantic Mechanic and I have designed a bunch of games for the festival. In addition to our series of soccer mods: Teeny Tiny Soccer, Tiki Taka Soka, and Super Skinny Soccer, I worked on A Game of Foams, Short Order, and Poppy Cat Adventures.

Poppy Cat Adventures
I was the lead designer for the Poppy Cat Adventures game. This was a particularly fun project, because my job was to translate the children’s TV show Poppy Cat Adventures into a live-action physical game for toddlers. I picked my 3 favorite episodes, broke the stories down into one big group activity and two small individual activities, and then alternated the order I ran the episodes in to keep the game feeling fresh.

Giant Science Showdown
Outside of that event, we also designed and ran a set of science-themed competitions called the Giant Science Showdown. For this project we decided that we wanted to make classic science experiments fun again by This was originally designed for the New York Hall of Science.

Producing Games
In addition to all of the wacky physical and installation games, we made, I worked as a producer and level-designer for several other projects. I worked on the UI and level-design for a Hungry Caterpillar iPad game for kids 5 and under and made sure all art & sound assets made it into the game on time and at the proper resolution.

BumbleBear Games

I worked with BumbleBear Games over the course of about 2 years as a Junior Producer/Game Designer. BumbleBear games is the creator of Killer Queen, the world’s first 10-player arcade game. I worked with them on an early version of their online store/marketplace for BumbleBear Merch as well as on several game design projects for outside clients.

Killer Queen Merchandise & Events
I oversaw and managed the first printing of official Killer Queen Merchandise by BumbleBear. This included finding and working with the most appropriate vendors for production and distribution of t-shirts, buttons, tattoos, stuffed animals, and more. 

Project Management
While working with BumbleBear I worked as a project manager for their outside client work with Comcast/ESI Design. I managed a remote team of programmers and artists and was the main point of contact for the Comcast team both remotely during production and on-site during installation and playtesting. In addition to project management for this project I also worked on game design and user experience for 2 large-scale games and 2 iPad games, Check out the project here.